What to do in Plyos

In Плес 100 лет назад most part, the options available on the site location in the reach - it's the private sector. Variants of the economic [and not]) placement. Photos and prices in the description will help you in choosing the desired sorientirovatsya option. Recreation Centers in Reach - a house, rooms and apartments in areas of the upper and lower parts of the city.

And  the address and phone Sanatorium "Ples" and plesskoy chalet can also be found here.

город Плес

City  Plyos in the Ivanovo region on the Volga River, halfway between the Kostroma and Kineshma, at the crossroads of two major tourist routes: "Golden Ring" and the Volga, "Moscow - Astrakhan." You can come here by bus from Ivanov, Furmanov, Kostroma and Moscow, as well as water transport along the Volga. Unfortunately, since last summer dismissed the motion of meteors and missiles, and that annoying, cruise ships.

Дом отдыха СТД в Плесе

Hotels in Plyos  - this is first and foremost is the former holiday home of the Union of theatrical figures. Now, "Actor-Ples." The city started construction of two middle-class hotels. True, this summer, they probably would not work.

Sanatorium "Ples",  Plyos Tourist base Набережная Плеса annually take a huge number of tourists. If you choose to holiday chalet in the summer, call at least three weeks.

Rest in Plyos  Схема Плеса scheme is not only a choice of hotels. News of city events, festivals, exhibitions and festivities - all this in the best way to answer the question "What should I do?"

The site  includes phone numbers and addresses neposredsvenno owners who give shelter to the Reach.

Their suggestions  and questions please send to the address listed at the bottom of the page. I am pleased to place and answer.